Wednesday, September 19, 2012

TYBSc Computer Science - Software Engineering

1. State the activities of project management process and explain them in brief. How are these activities grouped? (Oct 2012-Mumbai University)
2. Explain the concept of LOC with example. How is it useful in estimation process?
3. What is risk management? Explain the activities involved.
4. State the principles of software testing. Explain any two.
5. State the tools used in project scheduling and explain them in brief.
6. Explain the stages in static testing.
7. Explain white box testing technique.
8. 'Estimation using use-case is problematic'. Explain this statement.
9. What is cyclomatic complexity? Give one example.
10. Explain the terms error seeding and test plan.
11. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of blackbox testing.
12. How the results of Testcase execution and analysis are useful?
13. Explain the concept of basis paths in white box testing.
14. Explain bottom-up integration testing.
15. Write a short note on random testing.
16 What is the use of charts like Gantt and PERT/CPM (Oct 2012-Mumbai University)
17 State metrics from CK metrics suite. Explain two of them. (Oct 2012-Mumbai University)
18 Explain principles of Agile development (Oct 2012-Mumbai University)

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