Wednesday, September 19, 2012

TYBSc Computer Science - Paper IV - Software Engineering

1.       Write a short on testing strategy
2.       Write a short on six sigma
3.       What is the difference between stress & volume testing
4.       Explain equivalence partitioning.
5.       Explain Cause & Effect graphing with example.
6.       What are the contents of test case specification document?
7.       What is the need of s/w metrics?
8.       What are differences between LOC & FP estimation?
9.       Explain the steps involved in Project Scheduling.
10.     What are the components of PERT/CPM charts?
11.     What are the components of GANT chart?
12.     What is ARIES algorithm? Advantages, Explain 3 steps in ARIES?
13.     Write about COCOMO model in detail.

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