Wednesday, September 19, 2012

TYBSc Computer Science - Paper II - Advanced Java - Important Questions

1. What is a servlet? What are the various types of servlets? Explain  the lifecycle of a servlet.
2. What is the role of HttpServletRequest and ServletContext? Explain some important methods of these classes.
3. What is EJB? Explain various types of EJB.
4. Differentiate between cookies and sessions.
5. How is a JSP file executed by a web server?
6. Describe the lifecycle of a JSP page.
7. Differentiate between stateless and stateful session beans.
8. Write a note on Type-1 driver.
9. Explain the use of JCheckBox and JTable. Giv examples.
10. Explain the role of Action interface.
11. Write a note on JTabbedPane? How is it created?
12. Explain the following functions - run(), sleep() and wait(). Give suitable examples.
13. Explain the steps to use JDBC.
14. Explain different ways  of session tracking in servlets.
15. Explain gridlayout with an example.
16. Explain the following classes: DriverManager and GenericServlet.
17. Write a JDBC program that accepts a table name and displays the total number of records present in it.
18. How are JavaBeans accessed in JSP?
19. Differentiate between GET and POST request.
20. State the differences between cookie and HttpSession.
21. Write a note on Java archive files.
22. What is persistence in the context of Java Beans?
23. What is design pattern? Explain design patterns for simple and boolean properties.
24. What is JavaBeans? What are the advantages of creating JavaBeans?
25. Write a note on RMI Architecture
26. Explain DriverManager Class and its Methods.
27. Write a short note on the following:
       a.       ResultSet
       b.      ResultSetMetaData
28. Discuss the “synchronization“  issues in servlets.
29. Explain Session Tracking in Servlet? What are the two ways of session tracking in servlet?
30. Explain the Java Servlet Architecture.
31. Explain in detail Introspection feature of Java Beans.
32  Explain Bound property of Java Beans with example.
33  Explain Constrained property of a Bean giving example.
34 What is a Java Bean? What are the advantages of using Java Beans?
35 What is a JAR file? What are the options available with the JAR files? List any five.
36 Explain Java Server Pages (JSP). What are the advantages using JSP over Servlets?
37 What are the various JSP tags available?
38 Explain JSP Access Models and Session Management using JSP.
39 Describe various Implicit objects of the JSP. What is the scope of those objects?
40 What are the major differences in comparison between JSP and ASP?
41 Write a note on JColorChooser class. (Oct 2012-MU)
42 Write a note on RMI Registry service (Oct 2012-MU)
43 What factors should be considered before giving local or remote access to beans? (Oct 2012-MU)
44 Write a web service method that accepts a number n and returns the value of 1+2+3...+n (Oct 2012-MU)

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