Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another New Opportunity for IT Professionals

So coding in C and Java is not your cup of tea but you still like to be in computing! Well, there's animation as a career option but it does require a different kind of aptitude. Social networking (here's a new site for that: (as opposed to hardware networking) is also gradually becoming a full time occupation with many. But if green bucks is what you are looking for, why not combine your knowledge of computing, mathematics and explore a new field called " Financial Engineering".

Before you jump up with "but we are not commerce students", let me tell you this is not only for commerce or finance guys. Have a look at todays (17.9.2008) Ascent of Times Of India (Mumbai). Have a look at this web site for more on Financial Engineering:

IIM Calcutta offers a course in FE. Another one is the Institutre of Capital Markets (

Have a look at this career too!
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