Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What's This About?

This blog is all about the B. Sc (IT) course at Elphinstone College, Mumbai. B. Sc (IT) is a 3-year full time degree course of the University of Mumbai. Based on semester pattern, the course has a tremendous market value and is among the most sought after courses in Mumbai Univesrity.

The need for this blog arose because I felt that as the Co-ordinator for B. Sc (IT), I needed to communicate lot of information to students pursuing this course. Although I meet my students everyday in College, there are occasions when I need to pass on some information but my hectic schedule does not allow that liberty. Also, many a times, certain information comes in late or is of such a nature that I cannot put it all up on the department notice boards. So, what better way to communicate with the tech savvy students of Elphi then this blog!

So what goes here? Well, everything that I feel is important; notices, messages, lecture notes, questions, answers, campus placement news, your doubts, your feedback, your fears, apprehensions, your likes and dislikes and your DREAMS!

So come and share all these through this blog. It's purpose is primarily academic in nature but ofcourse we can discuss other matters as well.

Join the bandwagon and start rolling!!
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