Wednesday, August 20, 2008

IT Fest

IT students are a restless lot. If its not sports or dancing or music or singing, then there MUST be something else to keep them busy! OK, we are talking of the IT Fest here. The demand has been there for some time, and we all envy other colleges that have the IT fest, so why not Elphi? Indeed, why not?

But hey, we need VOLUNTEERS. Students who can run around, come up with new ideas, and of course collect a lot of money. Who will do this? Of course the students.

So if you want your own IT fest, get started NOW. First lets discuss this - come up with ideas for events (OK I know about the DJ part, but aur kya ?) . Lets also plan out when to have this - Dec seems to be the best time as we will all be free from exams ka tension by then. The weather around this time is also pleasant so running around isn't taxing. We need teams, team heads, we need ideas, posters, we also need lots of money. So you need to use all your contacts and pull the right strings to get this money.

OK so if you are game for this, just send me an email (elphiit at better still meet me to discuss how YOU can help. But we have very little time, so it needs to be planned meticulously and immediately. Get going.
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