Sunday, August 31, 2008

Computational Mathematics through Excel

Computational Mathematics through Excel:

This is the first in a series of workshops I intend to organise in the B. Sc (IT) department, and this one is specifically meant for Second Year B. Sc (IT) students of the current batch of Elphinstone College only. Depending upon the success of this, we may keep it open for others as well!

The idea is this: The syllabus plays its role in defining what a student MUST know. But is there something else that a student CAN know or is WILLING to learn beyond the syllabus? I believe many students have the burning desire to explore more and find newer ways of doing things. This workshop is intended to help them achieve something beyond the syllabi.

Contents: This first workshop will cover topics related with computational mathematics: interpolation techniques, solutions of linear equations by graphical, and other techniques such as cramer's rule, Gauss method, matrix calculations, etc, eventually leading to the solution of LPP and transportation problems.

Input (Your Effort): - It's assumed that you are self-motivated and are WILLING to learn. So you must devote time to this course. Officially, this course will last just 4 days (2 hrs a day). But assignments have to be done by you after the course.

Methodology: Completely hands-on approach. I will provide the basic notes that are needed to get started, so there should be no problem.

Prerequisite: Its assumed that you have used atleast the basic features of Excel.

When: First week of September 2008.

Whom to Contact: Register immediately with Sandeep of SYBSc (IT). We have only 20 seats available.

Fees: Commitment and time from the student.

Is it compulsory to join this course to pass in SYBSc Computational Maths? Ofcourse NOT.
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